How UFPD has Referenced String of Attempted Sexual Assaults is NOT OK.

As Jezebel writer Erin Gloria Ryan noted in her post yesterday, the way that the University of Florida police department has handled recent attempted rape incidents on campus has disappointed several members of the student body. Over the past 10 days, four women between the ages of 20-21 have been assaulted on or near… »9/09/14 3:23pm9/09/14 3:23pm

Top 10 Quotes from the Most Sexist Dating Commentary You'll Read All Week [I HOPE]

A dear friend (who happens to identify as both male and feminist) brought this to my attention today. The article, "Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns" by modern prophet Preston Waters was posted on Elite, a blog that appoints itself as "The Voice of Generation-Y." This article was unfortunately not about how to do… »11/07/13 11:51am11/07/13 11:51am

How 10 Facebook Comments Saved Me from a Terrible Life as a Feminist Analyst

Over the past weekend, I fell into the booby-trap of the internet, and it saved my life. After hanging out with some rad, critical, hilarious, and fun friends over the weekend, I got tricked into thinking that Facebook is, in general, a great place to engage others in critical and meaningful conversations about how… »10/14/13 3:29pm10/14/13 3:29pm